Interior Design


We craft interiors for private clients and commercial spaces. We offer everything from bespoke solutions, custom finishes and cabinetry, down to the procurement and final styling of furniture, accessories and art.


Volstruis Huis

With this new build, we were tasked to conceive a full-scope interior concept that included natural timber fitted cabinetry and a bespoke kitchen design.


We began with a foundation in traditional Cape West Coast appeal, and updated it with a contemporary flair. The end result is a house rooted in nature and comfort that boasts a sleek modernity.


The task was to create a peerless retail space including an indoor plant laboratory, accommodating seasonal stock rotation using pared, adaptable shopfitting in the brand's colour palette.


A fresh approach and on-trend cues, coupled with the abundance of greenery created a design culmination of man and nature, architecture and organisms.

Images by Folha Plant Shop.


Veld View House

 A complete renovation that saw us strip an old house to its shell, reshaping the entire interior, including specifying finishes and creating a distinct colour pallete.

The melding of old and new, rustic and bespoke, this translated into house of eclectic taste. Earthen tones and homespun furnishings were a decided departure from the starkness often found in current design.


A private yoga studio that harnesses neutrality in its design. We formed an interior best suited for the practice of yoga including a timber screen providing separation of the main floor from a private changing space. 


Sliding openings allow the textural shaping of light and sound to gently urge a meditative spirit and the pursuit of mindfulness.


West Turret

A full renovation of a compact office in a heritage building, with a brief to create multiple flexible workspaces. 


We were tasked with appeasing varying tastes, the end result being a clean, contemporary space softened with natural finishes.

Mill St

The refurbishing of a micro apartment to update it in line with the ever growing trend of small-scale living.


We preformed a total interior demolition to create a clean slate, detailing all materials and finishes, and designing and procuring custom furniture. Darker, masculine finishes and colours were appealing to the owner.



Construction: July 2020 - July 2021. 


We look forward to sharing details on project completion in 2021.